Sunday, February 12, 2006

A thought that hit me could be a good story.

I was thinking that it'd could be a cool sci-fi spy type of epic if in the future there was a way to watch a person's photographic memory for use in trials and the like, and how that'd change the justice system. If that technology existed, it'd make a lot of sense that it could be foiled as well. If false memories could be used, that'd make it that much more difficult for the truth to be uncovered, and many people would be framed for crimes they didn't commit.

Apply that to the trial for the person accused of assassinating the President. It'd make for a great JFK-esque conspiracy, and that's when I would bring in an attorney who himself has a photographic memory, and through a series of clever courtroom maneuvers discovers that the memories can be falsified just by visualizing what you want to viewer to see, it takes a great deal of effort and it can be done.

Anyway, that's a very bare bones idea. Sorry. Hopefully I'll have something better tomorrow.


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