Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Space Caravan

This is a story idea I had recently, but since this is comic day Wednesday I may miss a few details int eh mad dash to post today, I'll amend or post more later.

The basic idea is, the year is 2075, and the earth has been completely devastated due to man's own folly, wars/pollution/what have you. The planet is pretty uninhabitable, so the plan is made to launch large caravans of ships. Since space travel isn't very advanced for these earthlings, they are put into hibernation and aren't awakened until they leave the galaxy, because no Milky Way planet can support human life without massive terraforming, which they also don't have to tech to do. There will be the usual space stuff of encountering alien races, and the like, but the earthlings main drive is to find a new home, and the possibilities for alliances are endless. When you're homeless, you may be inclined to make deals with the devil to get what you want, you know?

Ok, I have more, but time is short, so there you go for now.


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