Friday, February 17, 2006

The Frantics Reunion Special!

It rocks to have good friends. As mentioned in previous posts, my favorite comedy troupe happens to be The Frantics, and last month, on Canada's Comedy Channel, they got to air a reunion special, but living in the U.S., my chances for ever seeing it were pretty slim. Thanks to some reciprocal generosity, a friend of mine who lives in Canada taped it for me, and I received it yesterday. It was the shortest hour long special ever, and of course I want more. Since that wont happen until they release their next cd, the least I can do is highlight some of my favorite bits.

One bit that was funny just because of how absurd the concept was, Jason Mahooch, Master of Disguise. In this sketch, the guy 'disguised himself as various objects, but it was just him. The funniest was when he was being carried around because he disguised himself as an MP3 player, and when he was the reflection for a beautiful woman.

The sketch I probably laughed out the loud the most on was this sketch in which 'Roy' was a motivational speaker guy, and his main means of motivation was a boot to the head. Boot to the Head is a frantics specialty and I was thrilled to see it on tv.

Yet another great bit, was one I had already heard on the Official Bootleg CD, Dutch Cowboys. It was pretty funny to see the guys in cowboy outfits with larger pants and clogs. I don't know why they omitted an old lyric, 'our wooden shoes, have wooden spurs on them'. I thought it was a funny line, and they don't really need to re-state 'we're the cowboys from the Netherlands'.

The biggest treat for me, and also the most bittersweet, was the return of Mr. Canoehead, Canada's favorite aluminum-headed crime fighter! Unfortunately, he was only shown in flashback, and it was implied everyone on the prison transport he was on drowned, although they realize he does have a canoe welded to his head, so he may have survived. The ended the sketch and the show with a cryptic 'The End?" I sure hope not, I need more frantics in my life.


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