Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Can't explain it..

As mentioned previously, I have some weird, weird dreams. It's probably a good thing I rarely remember them, because I think I would freak out on a regular basis.

Last night for instance, I had an odd dream where I was trying to download a video, in bed, and someone calling themselves my dad kept passing by the bed to see if I was really sleeping. This is odd, because hey, it'd be really hard to download something on my computer from my bed, and also weird because I don't have a father.

It was a rare night where I remembered two dreams! The second one involved me and a friend being imprisoned at a school, so we decided we needed to escape. We bided our time until the school assembly. The bleachers were kind of vertical like balconies, and my friend (who doesn't resemble anyone I know in real life) are seated at the top. In the middle of the arena was an Olympic sized swimming pool. We get the bright idea to dive from the top of these balcony-like bleacher into the pool, and from there make a break for the doors (everyone was at the assembly). I jumped first, but landed into a crowd of girls lower down the bleachers instead, they took it like nothing was going on, so I jumped again, landed in the pool, almost broke my head, made a break for the door, and left the school with the janitor telling me to not stop for anything. Weird stuff, I'm sure.


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