Friday, February 10, 2006

Allow me to rant for a minute..

Why is it that when I'm socializing, or whatnot, and I don't want to imbibe alcohol, that I always have to justify why? I mean, do I need a reason not to drink other than, 'I don't want to'? I mean, people aren't like that with other things. People don't wonder ask you, "You don't eat nachos? Were you addicted and now have to avoid them?" Sometimes, just because I get annoyed I say things like, I can't drink because I had a bad experience, that way they can feel vindicated, but I don't actually have to say anything with substance, the listener can fill in the blank.

I am not the most social guy to begin with, and whenever I am out with friends of friends (ie. people I don't know) I have to go through this every single time I go out, and it's so annoying, and alienates me so much, that it's really no wonder that I keep to myself a lot. Of course the ideal solution would be just to join in and drink, right? Well, I like to think of myself as a man of integrity, so that's not really an option, because we come back to the fact that I simply don't want to drink! A long time ago, my 5th grade teacher told me, that she just brings a bottle of ginger ale and pretends, but that doesn't really fit in with my world view, because I wont even pretend to drink. I suppose that makes me a big, dull stick-in the-mud, but if you think that, I don't want to talk to you anyway, so think what you want.

So rant over, thanks for indulging me.


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