Sunday, January 22, 2006

Woo, I'm a reviewer.

This is verbatim of a review I did at Yes, I do reviews there now, so that counts as my writing for today, in the future, I will just link it.

Thank goodness for small favors. As a whole, "The Other" has left me rather underwhelmed. Thanks to Peter David, though we get a breath of fresh air this issue. Sure, it deals with new powers and the aftermath of last month's strange occurrences, but it also delivers a fun and entertaining ride.

The way the various big brains of the Marvel Universe want to poke and prod poor Peter nicely conflicts with Peter's own need to be with his family, and culminates in a nice exchange between the think tank and Aunt May. Another great moment is a classic web-swinging sequence intermingled with an introspective talk between husband and wife, that makes me feel like David can truly handle writing the relationship between MJ and Peter in a way that doesn't make one or the other out to be a jerk. Another strength Peter David brings that has been sorely lacking in the main spider-titles is supporting characters! I have to say it was a pleasant surprise to see Flash Thompson again, and his upcoming vocation promises to be interesting.

Mike Wieringo's art fits this book perfectly. It can be fun and dynamic when it needs to be, as well as creepy when applicable. The colors also nicely fit the various moods throughout the book, and by the time I hit the last page, I was definitely wanting more.

In closing, although I really haven't enjoyed the other, I really enjoy Peter David writing this books, and now that the rotating creative team hullabaloo is over, he's on F'n Spider-Man (a term of endearment, honestly) for the long haul, and so am I.

Overall Rating: (8/10)
Writing Rating: (8/10)
Artistic Rating: (7.5/10)


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