Friday, January 06, 2006

Frantic Times!

I really didn't prepare anything to write today, so I am just going to ramble on about one of my favorite comedy groups ever, The Frantics!

The Frantics are a Canadian foursome who've been doing comedy pretty much all of their professional lives. I wont get into their history here, because they themselves do a much better job of it on their website and I really just want to talk about how I came to know of them.

Like many Americans, I first heard the Frantics on the Dr. Demento show with the comedy bit entitled Tai Kwan Leep/Boot to the Head. It the story of Ed Gruberman who gets booted in the head when he thinks he knows more than his martial arts teacher. I very much enjoyed it, and a few years later, I learned more about the foursome, thanks to the magic of the internet, and *ahem* bootleg copies of Frantic Times the radio show that aired on the CBC in the 80's.

On the radio show, I truly learned how talented Dan Redican, Rick Green, Peter Wildman, and Paul Chato truly were. Not only did they come up with fresh material every time, they also were talented in coming up with funny music. I was introduced to characters like Mr. Interesting, Bill from Bala, Mrs. Sarnicky, and of course, Canada's #1 aluminum headed crimefighter, Mr. Canoehead!

I had to have more, but unfortunately shortly after Frantic Times ended, the quartet parted ways, and I had to content myself with re-listening to what I had. It's funny how things work out sometimes, though. About a year ago, listening to the Dr. Demento show, I learned that the Frantics were back! They even had a new CD! I was so happy I rushed over to the Frantics' site, bought the Official Bootleg CD, along with their previously released albums, not re-released. They are even planning a box set of the Frantic Times episodes, so I can clear my conscience a bit, regarding bootlegs. If you are a comedy fan, and want to hear a group of people who are far ahead of the game, be sure to take a listen to the Frantics! (they have samples on the site, for the uninitiated)


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