Friday, January 27, 2006

Fish out of Water..

In the comics world, to a lot of people, Aquaman is a joke. He can swim really well and talk to fish, which isn't too useful against someone like Lex Luthor unless he's trying to take over an oil platform or something. Aquaman is always played straight in spite of this, except in parodies, of course.

My idea for a story takes the Aquaman/Sub-Mariner concept and sort of reverses it, Both of those characters live in the seas, but what if a mother gave birth to a son with gills instead of lungs, but was too attached to let him just live in the bathtub or the local Sea World? You could see how, let's call him Dobie Krebs, grew up, in high school, he was always picked on, because he perpetually had to wear a fishbowl on his head, despite the fact that he was the star of the school's swim team. You could have a montage of scenes like that, and then when he came of age, he'd set up shop in Phoenix, just for irony's sake, as the most useless superhero ever, the Fish out of Water.

Pretty silly, eh? Well it's supposed to be. If you take something like that seriously, you need to have your head examined.


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