Monday, January 30, 2006

Comics are full of variety!

I like comic books. For a long time, I wouldn't admit to that, because of the stigma that 'comics are for kids'. Honestly though, these days more adults read comic books than kids, due to the fact that they aren't as accessible outside of comic shops, and parents don't take their children to comic stores like they do the supermarket. This is a whole 'nother rant though.

Comic books are not all super heroes, I will admit they still dominate the market, but there are tons and tons of genres. One of my favorite books, originally published in Belgium is XIII. It's a very intriguing espionage action type of book, no powers to be had, but it's like reading a James Bond movie, but with much more depth.

I also very much enjoy Gun-Fu, the continuing adventures of Hong Kong cop Cheng Bo-Sen, set in the 30's. Bo-Sen always seems to get embroiled in plots involving Nazis, and he takes it in stride, chugging out one-liners and speaking in hip hop (though no one seems to notice).

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Japanese comics or manga, the variety of these book are endless. You want to read comics about cooking, or being a lawyer, or basketball? Manga has that and more. A lot of people don't count manga as real comics for some reason, but hey, it's sequential art that tells a story, so it's a comic!

So anyway, that's my mini-rant about comics, and I would have better illustrated why I like them, but as always, I am pressed for time.


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