Sunday, January 08, 2006

Another weekly off the top of my head tale...

In a world full of amazing abilities, the man who relies on nothing but his own wit comes out on top....

On the far off planet of Gilpne, there lived a race of super-beings, they lived in a society much like our own, but rather more advanced thanks to the myriad of powers possessed by it's inhabitants. Instead of countries, each land mass was ruled by one of the 5 'houses' that had been in charge longer than anyone could remember. On the largest of these continents, Northor by name, the House of Zam ruled, and their subjects were happy, that is, all of the subjects were happy save young Locke. Locke was the Prince of Zam, and he was unhappy because he had reached puberty last summer, but did not gain any special ability. King and Queen Zam enlisted the help of all of Northor's top scientists, but unfortunately they could not find the reason for this occurrence. Their findings did conclude that Locke would never receive his 'gift' and therefore was branded 'ordinary'.

Although King Kev and Queen Mert loved their son very much, the ancient laws that helped each house govern their people explicitly stated that if anyone was deemed 'ordinary' they were to be killed on the spot to avoid 'the cataclysm'. The sage King could not bring himself to do such a grisly deed, especially to his own son, but knowing that faith in the monarchy would be of shaky ground if he did not, devised a plan. He would fake his son's death in public view, while the Queen would spirit away the young man to the farthest reaches of the kingdom, under the pretense that she couldn't bear to see her son killed. With this plan in action Prince Locke was cast off to journey alone, in a harsh and unforgiving world.

Locke was alone for the first time in his life, luckily for him, he was brought up to be independent and was taught by the best teachers Northor had to offer. Wrapped in flowing robes, Prince Locke ventured into the village of Non, where news from the capital seldom reached. Still, not wanting to arouse suspicions as to why the Prince was wandering the streets of a peasant village, Locke disguised himself by shaving his head at a nearby stream, and continued into the center of the town to hopefully find work as a means of sustenance. His search was cut short when he heard a cry for help at a fish merchant across the way. Behind the counter of the fish market was a burly mountain of a man, with a large curling mustache, an open crimson vest and puffy white pants, on his face was a scowl that made Locke shiver. The merchant's eyes started glowing a bright magenta, glaring at a young lady, no older than 14 with a look of abject terror on her face. Locke not knowing the situation, but being the nobleman that he is, decided to intervene

"Hold, sir. May I try to quash this conflict without violence?", asked Locke
"Mind your own business, you mangy whelp!" exclaimed the merchant.
"Forgive my rudeness sir. Pleaded the Prince, but whatever the trouble, I am sure that it doesn't warrant your frying this young woman."
"Hold your tongue before you make things worse!", whispered the woman.

The merchant was practically fuming now and jumped from behind the counter, eyes glowing and wielding a serrated sword. Acting quickly, Prince Locke grabbed a handful of dirt from the ground and threw in into the merchants eyes and grabbed the woman's hand

"Run for your life!" shouted Prince Locke
"Are you insane?", queried the girl, Now he'll be even madder at the both of us and won't stop until he see us both as a pile of ash!"
"Not to worry, once his eyesight recovers we'll be long gone, and when he sees what I left him, his rage should subside." the prince said, smugly
"What could you possibly *pant* have left to calm him down that much!?" commented the girl
"Just a little token to remember me by." Locke replied cryptically

Back at the merchant's counter The peddler of fish saw a small pouch of gold, all that the prince had with him on his journey, and a small piece of parchment with the crest of the house of Zam saying simply, "keep the change."

"Interesting, if what my cousin Jarko in the capital told me is true, the prince is dead, but if I just got left this, I think I just came up with the means to leave this impoverished town for good." the merchant laughed to himself.

And that's where I'll end things for now, If you want to read the continuing adventures of Prince Locke, let me know!


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