Sunday, October 16, 2005

So this is my first blog post. I don't have much to say right this second because I just wanted to get this set up, but I'll just right now mention what I hope this will be. First, it'll be a springboard for various story ideas that pop into my head from time to time, because invariably if i don't write them down they become distorted and they lose the initial, i don't know... 'coolness' of what i originally intended it to be. I'll also talk about things that intrest me, or various things that happened to me that impress me enough to think it's worthwhile to share. The one thing I will not post about is the intimate details of my life, I don't lead an exciting life in the first place, i am certain you wouldn't want to hear about it anyway, and I just don't think it's a good idea. So there you have it. I'll probably post again later today once i have the time to think about it.


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