Sunday, October 23, 2005

Micro Heroes and Me!

Ok, well I tend to enjoy pixel art. I am not that great at it, and I am sure I couldn't turn it into something great like the guy that does Diesel Sweeties, but I decided to try and make my own for a message board I intend to start posting to regularly.

I happen to like a genre of show called tokkatsu. That's the type of show where a character or group of character can henshin (transform) into a different form and have incredible martial arts/weapon skills to fight off the monster of the week. Ultraman, and what most readers of this would call Power Ranger shows. In Japan, although these shows are intended for children, the situations and storylines are much more involved and not 'dumbed down'.

My favorite of these tokkatsu is a show called Chou Sei Shin JustiRisers. It is part of an annual series made by Toho, who are probably mot famous for creating Godzilla. They are pretty much in direct competition with Toei's sentai series (what Saban uses to make ugh Power Rangers). The main character is Date Shouta, who with the power of his In Loader can henshin into JustiRiser Glen. So since this my favorite of these type shows, here he is in his 16 colored GIF glory.

Hope you don't mind me indulging myself, but at the very least, you have expanded your vocabulary a bit.


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