Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A few story ideas...

My job is for the most part, mindless. So I get a lot of time to think, and during they day I come up with ideas that I think would make good stories, but I almost never write them now, so from now on, when I get home from work, I am going to write those ideas now, so they are concrete and easier to build on. So my inaugural idea post, here are a few, that have kind of mutated a bit, because I never wrote them down.

The story that has been percolating in my head for the longest time is the story of a regular guy, in a regular job, who isn't at all important, but has a good heart, and enjoys his life, humdrum though it may be. That all changes one day when a package is dropped off at his door, it's a simple amulet paired with an equally simple note 'wear me.' Our guy reluctantly tries it on, and finds himself whisked away to a dark room lit by torches in the middle of a mystical-type circle. Our hero automatically assumes he's in the middle of some sort of evil ritual. Luckily, or maybe not, he instead learns that he was summoned by an old hermit/wizard who tells him that he is destined to lead a band of similarly destined people, to defeat what the wizard calls 'The Great Evil".

Taken aback, our man decides that this gentleman is clearly off his rocker, even if he cannot explain how it is he came to be there without accepting what to him, is impossible. He flees this dank basement and finds himself in a peasant village, being the object of much scrutiny due to his outlandish (to them) clothing and behavior. Not wanting to cause trouble, and simultaneously trying to figure out what to do, he wanders outside of the village to think. Before he knows what happens, he is accosted by four oversized ooze-covered goblins. Frightened beyond belief, he tries to flee, but he soon finds himself surrounded, when all of a sudden he panics, clutches the ground and closes his eyes. Moments later, after nothing seems to happen, he precariously looks up and sees to his amazement that he has somehow commanded the earth around him to encase the goblins in an earthen prison.

If this were a comic this is where I would end the first issue, but as I write I find the ideas completely flowing out of my head, so I will summarize a bit now, as the second issues starts, the wizard would arrive on the scene and explains how our hero was able to do that, and he finally accepts his fate and starts a long journey to recruit others who are possessed of the ability to 'harness one of the four elemental forces of our world'

Another story that has long been in the recesses of my mind has less of the story fleshed out, but at least it has a title: Leon Vicenti : Renaissance Man. In this tale, we follow the story of Leon Vincent, who while researching his family genealogy, finds that he is the direct descendant of Leonardo da Vinci, and subsequently learns from his great grandfather on his deathbed about an unknown text penned by da Vinci passed down secretly through the generations. No one has discovered what it's purpose is, but great granddad suspects that Leon's inquisitive nature will lead him to unlock the secrets his ancestor left behind. That is pretty much all I have for that one at present, but when I decide what is in the book, and what happens when a clandestine groups learns of it's existence, the opportunities for high adventure and endless.

Yet another story that I recently thought of during a recent bout of insomnia is based on a saying of noted psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, who said "all men are great in their dreams." Jake is a low level lab assistant at the State University's sleep research department, he stumbles upon some notes discussing what dreams mean and how they can affect the waking world. Soon afterward Jake starts having incredibly vivid dreams that star himself in completely different situations than normal, but they seem oddly familiar to him. He dreams of himself as a famous sports star, and Nobel Prize winning physicist, and most disturbing, a straighjacketed mental patient raving about a group called Apnea. In his daily life in the real world, Jake discovers that he retains knowledge from the dreams, knowledge he should not be able to know, such as when it's best to give up the 3-pointer in favor of the high percentage shot, or how to create a machine so close to perpetual motion that it's indistinguishable from actual perpetual motion, and of course, most disturbing of all, vivid images of being experimented on by the secret group Apnea, and slowly being driven out of his mind. Suffice to say, this is very disconcerting to our hero, but not as much as when he learns that in the waking world, there is a research group in the field of dreams called Apnea! That's about all I have for that one, but that's another one I can easily expand on.

This last one I just came up with today, so it wont have much in the way of fleshing out, especially since I am not into horror, but the premise is this: The newest controversy in the world is that of scientists using necrotic tissue (that of the recently deceased) in the research and development in the field of curing the myriad of diseases we don't have cures for. The story opens when one group of scientists ill-advisedly restart the brain of a cadaver who died from reason unknown, the cadaver cannot remember it's former life, and the scientist never get the chance to tell him because he goes beserk and bites them all, yes friends yet another zombie story. I don't know why there are so big lately, but hey I'm enthralled myself. Of course like I said, I am not really well versed in horror, but it's an idea nonetheless.

Thanks for putting up with reading all this if you have. And if you happened to like reading someone the strange crap that spews forth from my brain, you're in luck since I'll be doing this fairly regularly.


At 1:45 AM, Blogger Peter said...

Work on those stories since they're good ideas! Well, I don't care much about the zombie one but that's because horror ain't really my thing either, but sword&sorcery/sci-fi/superhero are all neat. I do like Walking Dead though but that's more about the people than about the zombies (which is why I'm not gonna be buying Marvel Zombies since that sounds like it'll be about the Zombies, heh--if it's really good I'll buy the tpb though!)

In any case, they both sound like a lot of fun, so keep on thinking and elaborating. One day I may end up writing all my own ideas that I've been thinking about since I was like 12 too! :D


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