Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Does Whatever a Spider Can...

I decided to whip up an essay talking about one of my favorite heroes, and what he means to be, as evidenced by the title, it is of course, Spider-Man. I remember liking 'Spidey' pre-kindergarten, and the first comics I remember reading were from around that time. Luckily at just that time, the title Marvel Tales had just started reprinting sequentially from Amazing Fantasy #15, and in those pages I learned a lesson that has stayed with me to this day, and has subsequently shaped my life: "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility".

Peter Parker's incredible sense of responsibility speaks to me, and as such, I interpret that as admitting my mistakes, and trying to be honest, and generally doing the right thing. You see, Spider-Man's solid moral code makes him a real hero, not his powers. Case in point, in one of the early Amazing Spider-Man stories, he is trapped under an incredible amount of rubble, and the room he is in is flooding rapidly, and it truly looks like the end for our hero, but then his thoughts turn to his beloved Aunt May, who will die if he doesn't deliver a life-saving serum. He realizes if he gives up, it'll be his fault since it's his own radioactive blood transfusion that put her in this state. He grits his teeth and finds the inner strength to lift the astounding weight, not for himself, not to catch Doc Ock, but to save Aunt May's life. If that's not heroic, I don't know what is.

One of my other favorite aspects of Spider-Man that I really enjoy (and some people wish I would not have picked up this attribute), is that in costume, he's a total wise-acre. As he flips around fighting the likes of Doc Ock, the Vulture, the Rhino and others, he also has a non stop motor mouth full of sarcastic quips and snarkiness designed to keep his enemies off guard. Unfortunately, in my opinion this is the one aspect that the movies have kind of left by the wayside. Sure, there are a few one liners, but nothing like the comics I grew up with.

Anyway, this has really been a bunch of babbling instead of the coherent piece, but I hope that you were able to share some of my enthusiasm. Till next time, folks.


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